LED Video Camera Endoscopy

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LED Video Camera Endoscopy
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Geiwre endoscope light source adopted imported medical LED,Strong stability,Good anti-seismic property. long service life: working time more than 20 thousand -40 thousand hours, minimizing the need to replace the bulb, cost saving.
The front panel is made of organic material. It is forbidden to use organic solvent such as alcohol or banana water to wipe it. It is forbidden to use disinfectant, acid or alkaline cleaning solution to wipe, or the surface of the panel will be damaged

LED Cold Light Source



Spectrum Range


LED power

80W   (100W optinal)




Output flux


Shutter Speed


Color Temperature




Luminous Flux


Power supply


Metal case, strong anti-interference, more wear-resistant than plastic.


the led light power source have the latest high-energy, low-power, high luminous flux, quickly brightened, uniform illumination,  energy-conserving and environment-protective. 

 Product structure composition The led light source for laparoscopy is composed of a switch power supply, a control circuit, an LED light source component, a heat insulation glass, a fan, a heat sink, a brightness adjusting switch, a heat insulation board, a shell and a panel.

Environmental requirements for use

1.   Power requirements

a)              voltageAC220V   50Hz

a)   input power :200VA

b)              fuse 2×F3ALAC250V

a)   Working conditions for use

b)   temperature 5℃~40

c)   humidity: ≤80%

d)   atmospheric pressure760hpa1060hpa



Strong stereoscopic sense of surgical field of vision

Brightness display 0 ≤ 100 adjustable

led light source for laparoscopy

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