1080p endoscop

  • 1080p Endoscope Endoscope Full HD

    1080p Endoscope Endoscope Full HD

    Super quality HDMI output camera Factory price CE approved Medical equipment HD1080Pendoscope camera Integrated led cold light source Portable Endoscopic USB camera for ENT/ hysteroscopy/ Urology examination

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  • HDMI Output Diagnostic Laparoscopy Endoscope

    HDMI Output Diagnostic Laparoscopy Endoscope

    1 The color reduction degree is first-class, the whole picture imaging is natural, clear and delicate by adopting the German import technology movement. The Product imaging of our endoscopic camera is transparent as a whole, the quality of the picture is natural, and the sense of stereoscopic is stronger,compared to some manufacturers which achieve the clear effect of imaging through special enhancement, but in this portable videoscope camera, doctors will have the phenomenon of tired fatigue in eye and dizziness in head when they operate. 2 The super quality of our 1080p endoscope camera has been obviously recognized by the physicians of major hospitals all over the world , the product effect and quality can be guaranteed. Our product Is the best choice of many customers who see the real effect of the machine!

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