Monday's regular Meeting


On Monday, every week, our company will organize all departments to meet together . The main content of the meeting is to summarize and count the work of the last week, to ensure the complete operation of the production line, to ensure that the customer needs to be responded and satisfied, and to ensure that the problems are effectively handled and solved.

At the meeting, the person in charge of each department will briefly report the work situation and progress of the department last week, and put forward the problems encountered.For the problems that can be solved immediately, it is up to everyone to discuss and solve them. For problems that cannot be solved immediately, wait until the conditions are in place before they can be solved.


Finally, the general manager will summarize the problems, grasp the key points, and break through the difficulties. The next work goals and tasks are then deployed to ensure that the tasks are installed in an orderly manner.Meet the needs of customers, and realize the value and personal value of the enterprise.

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